Processing time 10 To 15 Working Days Required after submission.

  • ScannedFirst&SecondpageofPassportatleastsixmonthsvalid.Signaturemustonsecondpage.
  • 1 Picture in White Background 35×45 mmsoftcopy.
  • Coloured scanned Copy of CNIC both sidescleared.
  • Bank Statement Last Six months.“Individual”
  • Coloured scanned Copy Letterhead or Copy Visitingcard.
  • FamilyRegistrationCertificate“FRC”or MarriageRegistrationCertificate“MRC” (IfallFamilyTravel).

NOTE: Visa Approval Is Subject to Immigration we are not responsible in case of Visa is rejected / Delayed, Visa fee is Non-Refundable in any case.